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Caregiver of the Year

Celebrating the outstanding caregivers who provide our clients with quality care, help to maintain their independence & dignity, and give families peace of mind.

Caregiver of the Year 2017

Yolanda Guzman

Meet our 2017 Caregiver of the Year, Yolanda. Yolanda takes her job seriously and goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are not only comfortable but safe. Even with challenging clients, Yolanda consistently shows compassion and genuine concern for them: listening to their stories, checking in with family members and helping with exercises. Yolanda has a strong background in personal care and living a healthy lifestyle. When an emergency arises, we know we can count on her even at the last moment. We know Yolanda will be on-time, with a smile and she never calls out. Congrats and thank you for all you do Yolanda!

Yolanda Guzman, Caregiver of the Year 2017

Caregiver of the Year 2016

Michelle Abidi

Positive. Encouraging. Trustworthy. Compassionate. These are just some of the words used to describe Michelle. When Michelle was hired in 2012 and even then we knew what an exceptional caregiver she is. We know we can always count on her even at the last moment. She will jump in and help out on difficult assignments without complaint, no matter how far, how big or small. Even with a young daughter at home, Michelle has worked all shifts, whether it is 3 hours or 24 hours a day without hesitation. There have been several compliments from her clients and their families. Such as this comment from a client’s daughter Donna “I felt it important to let you know how much we appreciate Michelle. She is reliable, caring and hardworking. Each time I drop by she is doing something; either washing dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc. I remember my mom telling me, before she passed away, how hard Michelle works. She is also excellent at managing the weekly funds for groceries and supplies for my dad. Thank you.”

Michelle Abidi, Caregiver of the Year 2016

Caregiver of the Year 2015

Stephanie Swick

Congratulations to Stephanie Swick our Caregiver of the Year 2015! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. You have been an excellent employee from day one. Stephanie, you have worked amazingly well with the weekend caregiver and you are always willing to change your schedule to accommodate your client. With two young daughters at home, you are still willing to do live-ins several days in a row to take your client on vacation. Not only does your client enjoy your company she thinks very highly of you. We all appreciate you greatly.

Stephanie Swick, Caregiver of the Year 2015

Caregiver of the Year 2014

Angel Jimenez

The dedication to helping others earned Angel the 2014 Caregiver of the Year Award. In the two years that has been a caregiver with Bright Watch, she has worked with many different clients. She has a natural ability to form an immediate, long-lasting relationship with her clients and their families. No matter the needs of a client or the situation Angel always seems to shine. Angel, you are appreciated by many. Thank you for your dedication and for going above and beyond for all of your clients.

Angel Jimenez, Caregiver of the Year 2014